AECI Medical Aid Society is a closed scheme for the employees and pensioners of the AECI Group of Companies. The Society has been looking after the employees of AECI for over 70 years and still going strong. Long enough to have developed a rich heritage and a solid understanding of the private healthcare industry in South Africa. We are always looking at innovative ways to ensure our members get affordable, quality healthcare through management of your care by offering a wide range of preventative care benefits so lifestyle diseases are identified before they become chronic.

The Society strives to maintain the stability and sustainability needed to ensure our members’ peace of mind, the Society’s ability to pay claims are backed by a reserve level that far exceeds the legislative requirements. Members can engage with the Society across a multitude of platforms – from apps to self-service portals and call centres to online chats.


M. Potgieter


R Hamilton (Chairperson), L van der Walt (Vice-Chairperson), M Oosthuizen, M Myeza, G du Plessis, A Wille, R Madiba, T Starke

Alternate Trustees: C Rilley, I Selepe, K Ramoupi, P Breet